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The Estes Institute will create non-profit spaces dedicated to supporting the arts in Estes Park. But beyond entertainment, The Estes Institute will address key educational challenges across the state, offering options for creative and motivated students to participate in a “live, learn, earn” nontraditional educational opportunity.

Taken together, The Estes Institute will marry education and entertainment in an innovative, one-of-its kind model.

Entertainment and Education that Serve a Higher Purpose

The Estes Institute will consist of two brick-and-mortar buildings on the grounds of the legendary Stanley Hotel, bringing equal parts programming and purpose.

The Stanley Film Center

Telling Stories of the Human Experience

The Stanley Film Center will be a state-of-the-art 90,000-square foot theater with interactive spaces supported by the State of Colorado and the Stanley Hotel. The center will stage interactive, engaging, and immersive experiences related to film and storytelling — as well as host filmmakers, thought leaders, and students from across the globe.

The Estes Media Lab

Educating Future Storytellers

Set in a 75-000-square foot living and learning facility for highly motivated students to study media and storytelling, The Estes Media Lab’s year-long residential experience will be offered as a gap-year program, offering a unique combination of technical, creative, and workplace skills. The model centers on place-based education, fostering creativity, personal narrative, and impact.

Chart: combining the best of public/private partnerships and philanthropy.
List of board members: a team with purpose vision and experience.